The Story of the Gummy Vitamins

The Worldwide First Vitamin Gummy

Perhaps many of you believe that this health-conscious product hero is nothing but an enjoyable gummy bear. A judgement which in view of the main target group – the kids – is absolutely intended.

A glance at an over 20-year story of success will reveal its manifold personality.

In 1996 Vitamins Found their Way into Gummy Bears

At that time, still much had to be changed: kids used to push healthy vegetables with disgust to the edge of their plates. Fruit was not accepted unless offered in bite-sized pieces. And even “the famous view outside the box” did not bring a solution to concerned parents: in those days vitamin-rich nutritional supplements were either formulated to the needs of adults or simply not delicious enough.

The vision for a change developed in a small suburb of Saarbruecken, in Neunkirchen. Here, in 1977, pharmacist Wolfgang Marks had established his consulting company  ”Amapharm” – the name was derived from “Apotheker, Marks and Pharma”. In the course of his numerous  years as a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry, it was in the early nineties that he received a demanding order requiring lateral thinking. The task was to find a pleasant pharmaceutical form for a problematic drug substance. In his mental trip to a suitable popular form he finally found the gummy bear – and he thought a step further into a generally healthy direction:  would it also be possible to pack vitamins in a tasty way into that popular confectionary? Thought and Done!

For the company Amapharm this meant the important transition from a mere consulting company to a well-consulting manufacturer.

A Real Quick-Change Artist

With the invention of the vitamin gummy bear quite a few things in the world have changed:

  • The form of fruit and vegetables: A fruity taste and valuable ingredients were put into a new pleasant packaging.
  • The vitamin absorbance of kids: Finally, kids were able to satisfy their vitamin need with delight.
  • The tricks of parents: Bribing attempts such as “if you finish, you will have a dessert” could be thought over. With the healthy candy the dessert itself turned into a secret vitamin source.

A Vision Conquers the World

An idea itself may be excellent, but its spreading depends to a great extent on the mentality of the country.  At an early stage, Amapharm had to learn this with regard to the home market - Germany (Europe) - and that’s why the inventor of the vitamin gummy was encouraged to think in larger dimensions and began to focus export in the international markets.

This openness to further development - which still today is typical for the vitamin supplement supplier Amapharm - finally paid off. Exclusive contracts with a number of pharmaceutical companies in Italy and Scandinavia were concluded. And ironically the exclusive customer for the jump over the Atlantic came from Germany. The well-known German pharmaceutical company had become aware of Amapharm’s vitamin gummy bear in a newspaper article and realized its potential for trade the American market. This was the breakthrough on the international market.

Variety Can Be So Unique

Amapharm’s vitamin gummy is a real multi-talent: it can take up a great variety of vitamins in the most different compositions, it harmonizes both with vegetable and animal gelatin, it meets diverse tastes with its many colors and flavors, it can have a sugared or smooth coating and can assume any imaginable fancy form. This variety has enabled Amapharm for more than 20 years to meet every single requirement of its customers – even that for exclusivity.  After a check with our database we can guarantee every customer that he will receive a unique product according to pharmaceutical quality standards. And to maintain this we also take care of the worldwide registration.

Our Quality Criteria:
  • Child-resistant caps (CRC)
  • Fat-soluble vitamins within the recommended daily requirement
  • Safety note on the label
  • Shelf-life of at least 18 months

Amapharm always applies the usual standards of the pharmaceutical industry when doing research on new forms of administration whether to the customer’s specifications or on its own initiative. Hence the motto will always be: the quality must meet the expectations which our consumers all over the world have in our dietary supplements. In the recent past, we have reached this aim among others with the following two product lines which Amapharm offers – like the vitamin gummy products – as White Label: Jelly Vitamins and Chewable Vitamins

Amapharm supports UN Global Impact Initiative



Since 2020, Amapharm has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Because too much is simply too much:

Our Vitamins Are not Stronger Than They Should Be

Who would pump up a car tire designed for a 2-bar pressure to a pressure of 10 bars? Who would buy his suit 2 sizes larger only because this one has more cloth? Examples like these illustrate a widespread nonsense with regard to nutraceuticals.

Unfortunately, in connection with vitamins the common opinion still is: much helps much. However, this is not only wrong but can even damage health.
However, well-meant is definitely not well-done. That is the reason why for more than 20 years Amapharm has avoided excessive doses which would exceed the daily requirement by a multiple and why we recommend to our customers to do the same.

To sum it up:

Amapharm’s product is a healthy and tasty possibility to strengthen the immune system of kids. Amapharm’s success on the world market is based on the followings factors:

  • Amapharm has the key to kids’ mouths Using it responsibly for a healthy vitamin supply.
  • Amapharm ensures the harmony of the family at the dining table “If you don’t eat your vegetables, you’ll have dessert instead!”
  • Amapharm stands twice for a special balance: Not too much vitamin consumption, not too much snacking.
  • Ampharm always puts quality first: Only a stable vitamin product is a good vitamin product.
  • Amapharm is giving products an own personality: What counts is the exclusivity of the inner values.
  • Amapharm gives enterprises security: By many years of expert knowledge and quality standards like in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Amapharm is discreet: All our customers can rely on the discretion of the Hidden Champion.