Perhaps many of you believe that this health-conscious product hero is nothing but an enjoyable gummy bear. A judgement which in view of the main target group – the kids – is absolutely intended. A glance at an over 20-year story of success will reveal its manifold personality.


✔️Amapharm has the key to kids’ mouths Using it responsibly for a healthy vitamin supply.

✔️Amapharm ensures the harmony of the family at the dining table “If you don’t eat your vegetables, you’ll have dessert instead!”

✔️Amapharm stands twice for a special balance: Not too much vitamin consumption, not too much snacking.

✔️Ampharm always puts quality first: Only a stable vitamin product is a good vitamin product.

✔️Amapharm is giving products an own personality: What counts is the exclusivity of the inner values.

✔️Amapharm gives enterprises security: By many years of expert knowledge and quality standards like in the pharmaceutical industry.

✔️Amapharm is discreet: All our customers can rely on the discretion of the Hidden Champion.

1977 Founded by WOLFGANG Marks

In a small suburb of Saarbrücken, in Neunkirchen, the consulting company Amapharm – a combination of pharmacists, brands and pharmaceuticals – was founded by Wolfgang Marks. In the course of his many years of consulting for the pharmaceutical industry in the early 1990s, he was prompted to think outside the box: he was asked to find a convenient dosage form for a problematic drug.


On his mental journey to find a suitable figurehead, he finally came across the gummy bear – and thought further in a generally healthy direction: Could vitamins also be deliciously wrapped with the popular sweets? Thought! Got it! And for the company Amapharm this marked the significant change from a pure consulting company to a well-consulting manufacturer company.

2024 Hunziker – part of the Amapharm Group


Amapharm is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of our long-term strategic bulk supplier F. Hunziker + Co AG. Together with a highly motivated team in Switzerland we jointly work to integrate Hunziker successfully in the Amapharm Group by end of 2024.

FHAG has been a traditional Swiss company for over 90 years and is one of the world's most trusted partners at the interface of food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. 

Since 1930, they have been creating products that are functional, useful and healthy, such as gummies, jelly beans, hard candies and much more.

In 2018, Hunziker also founded its own brand Health-iX, which is well established in Switzerland and offers nutritional supplements for any age. Health-iX products are mainly represented in the leading Swiss supermarket chain Migros but also available for distribution outside of the country.

Contact us today to learn about the new possibilities of new dosage forms as well as a larger variety of packaging solutions now available at Amapharm.



The inventor of the vitamin gummy bear was moved early on to think in larger dimensions and focused on international markets.

This openness to further development - which still today is typical for the vitamin supplement supplier Amapharm - finally paid off. Exclusive contracts with a number of pharmaceutical companies in Italy and Scandinavia were concluded. And ironically the exclusive customer for the jump over the Atlantic came from Germany. The well-known German pharmaceutical company had become aware of Amapharm’s vitamin gummy bear in a newspaper article and realized its potential for trade the American market. This was the breakthrough on the international market.

Today, Amapharm is the world market leader in the distribution of vitaminized fruit gums and distributes dietary supplements in over 94 countries worldwide.


Since 2020, Amapharm has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


We help create a healthier world. That's why we are a proud partner of the globally active humanitarian aid organisation Vitamin Angels. The non-profit organisation fights for better accessibility and availability of vital nutrients for women and children around the world.